Sunday, 6 November 2011

Update November 2011

To update, I really let this little piece of the cyberspace fall by the wayside. I really don't want that to happen again. My name is Adrienne, I am a bad blogger. I do have excuses and none of them involve the dog eating my computer (they do involve a month long cookery course, extraction of 4 wisdom teeth, a trip to Paris and Edinburgh and our first wedding anniversary) BUT I want to amend my ways, turn over a new leaf etc so here's to a fresh start. 

As I said, I'm Adrienne and I'm married to Chub* the Scot. I'm from a tiny village in Kildare but have an obscure Scottish accent or so everyone tells me, probably down to being an Edinburgh-aholic and having a Scot as a husband. While my passion is baking, Chub's is photography, so while I will take (and style) the pics that I will post on here, Chub will do any necessary air-brushing if required, that definitely includes any pics of me on here!

*Disclaimer I have never called my husband Chub, but it's what all his friends call him! As the blog continues and he eats all the goodies, we may need to change his name to Chub-by!

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