Monday, 21 November 2011

The Great Irish Bake for Temple Street Children's Hospital

About 3 years ago, one of my oldest friend's little girl contracted an awful virus which resulted in her heart pretty much shutting down. Crumlin Hospital couldn't do as much as they needed to for her and she was brought to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in the government jet for what they thought was going to be a heart transplant. The little girl was a fighter and fortunately didn't need the heart transplant and every day now her heart is getting stronger and stronger. Now she's a 3 year old little madam who's favourite colour is pink and is her Daddy's number one girl (outranking her mammy)

My friend now organises a charity night every year for a children's hospital as she counts her blessings  that she has her little girl causing mischief and mayhem. The first year, a camel race night - which I missed as it was also the night I was whisked off and proposed to. My luck didn't stretch to my camel, Inspector Rebus, winning any races though. Year two, was the male waxing night, I kindly volunteered Chub and he dutily kept a smile on his face throughout his torment. He complained bitterly of having cold legs for weeks afterwards and donned his kilt socks everyday. This year, she hosted a Great Irish Bake Sale for Temple St Hospital.

I didn't hesitate to pitch in as of course, I love baking and also because Temple St is close to my heart too. Once upon a time I had a baby brother. He was born with a liver problem. Unfortunately, there was nothing Temple St could do for him except make his short life as comfortable as possible. I clearly still remember visiting him in Temple St when I was five years old. He was born the year I started school and I will always remember arriving home, dropping my school bag in the driveway so I could run faster to go see him. I was always trying to pull him out of his cot without being seen for cuddles, didn't everyone know this was MY baby?  I was mad about him, unlike my sister, who I thought was sent to earth to ruin my life (what? I was only 5!)

I had a disaster baking for the sale. I took a half day from work on Friday to get a head start. I started with two dozen lemon drizzle buns, stuffed with home-made lemon curd and then realised (once they were in the oven) I had used plain flour instead of self raising. Chub said they could be used to sink battleships. I had all of my four!!!! gingerbread houses baked and cooling on the racks when I realised I had forgotten to add the sugar to the mix. Not a good day for me at all. Time to call it a day and start again.

I was really pleased with how all the baking turned out in the end, all of the buns nicely dressed and really for selling.

We're fortunate to be from a small village where everyone knows everyone and word of mouth spreads very quickly. We had lots of donations and support on the night and raised 400 euros.  What a result!

Remember to check back, I will post recipes in some separate posts!

Here's some more photos in the meantime.....

Some cakes made by another kind person..

Cards made by crafty/sporty sister. I know it kind of breaks the rules since it is technically a bake sale, but who hasn't broken a rule once in a while?

Mrs B taking charge

More donated cakes

Setting out the goodies!


  1. Such lovely looking cakes after the initial disasters. (These things happen!) A brilliant amount of money raised too, for a cause, so obviously close to your heart.

  2. These look just amazing and you raised so much money for Temple Street. We are truly blessed to have kind and generous supporters like yourselves willing to do something extra special for the Hospital. Thank you.

  3. Don't think I'll be complaining about my small little worries for a while - I'm in tears sitting here reading your post. Well done on all the work, cupcakes look fantastic too. Claire x

  4. A very worthwhile event. Well done to you for all your efforts.
    The disasters in the kitchen always make me smile. It is the only way I learn :0) Great shots too and I love those christmas cards!

  5. Thanks all for your lovely comments, it has really make my day reading them! :)

    Claire - I'm always getting wound up about silly things too, the postman has been delivering our mail to the vacant house next door for the past week and I was ready to buy a dog to set on him. Had to take a deep breath and remember it's not really worth being stressed about. Your health is your wealth and all that. Feel like a 75 year old woman writing that!

    Wise Mona - I'm always so cross with myself when I make a mistake! And it happens often too I'm afraid. I will tell my sister you liked her cards, she will be delighted with herself :)