About Me

Hello & Welcome.

Thanks for visiting, I hope we will become firm friends.

If you came here to find out a little more about me, I better oblige.

My name is Adrienne, I am wife to one - Chub*, sister / guardian to one, lady of the house to two cats and friend to many. I'm from a tiny village in Kildare but have an obscure Scottish accent, or so everyone tells me, probably down to being an Edinburgh-aholic and having a Scot as a husband. While my passion is baking, Chub's is photography, so while I will style and take the photographs that I post on this site, Chub will do any necessary air-brushing that is required, that definitely includes any photos of me on here!

I love to cook, bake and eat. The latter is my downfall. My interest began when I was a tiny girl. My late Mammy was a great cook and was always baking and cooking us great food. She loved watching Darina Allen on television when we were children growing up in the '80s in rural Ireland and I always watched too curled up beside her on the sofa. I would leaf through her cook books and circle the things I wanted her to make for me. Later on in life, when I went to university in Edinburgh, I would call her with terrible home-sickness and she would always make me feel better by telling me what she would cook for my next visit. It was always roast chicken and the trimmings. Food is love, it can make you feel better immediately.

I've always enjoyed baking and a few years ago I did a cake decorating course in a local secondary school and there's been no looking back, the course gave me the confidence to tackle baking and decorating my own wedding cake which led to doing a friend of a friends wedding cake and to many other birthday cakes! Last year I also did a four week full time cookery course which was exhausting but lots of fun.

I hope to use this site to keep a record of what I am making, baking and decorating over the year. It may please you to know that I've made a new year's resolution to only say something if I have something nice to say. Please don't make me break it so I just ask that if you like something and would like to re-post any text or image, please ask my permission first.....

That's it. I hope you visit often and share your cooking, baking and decorating successes with me too.

*Disclaimer I have never called my husband Chub, but it's what all his friends call him!