Saturday, 11 February 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I'm not a team sports person or indeed a sports person at all. Which kind of makes it hard for me to win things! I have only won two medals in my whole life. One for basketball when I was in sixth class in primary school, I was really tall back then compared to others and it was easy for me to make the shots. I'm also proud that my short Irish dancing career produced a medal too. My two medals are safely stored away in a secure place in the house so no prospective burglars can bring them to one of those cash my gold stores, so I'm only going to show you photographic proof of my winnings.

Now don't mind my little sister there with her medal, I doubt she even remembers winning this one. She brings the gold home ALL the time. Here's the one she won the other day.

But who needs sports awards when you are very fortunate to be awarded a blog award? I wanted to start a blog for so long, I would start and was always so conscious of my efforts that I stopped. Then I would start again. And then stop. I don't know what's changed now but I love the whole process. The picking of a recipe, the baking, the photographing, the eating, the writing, the feedback. It's so rewarding! It's taking me out of my comfort zone all of the time and that's a really good thing.

Thank you to Claire from Rolling Pin Tales for thinking my blog is worthy of the Liebster Blog Award, which is all about promoting blogs with less than 200 followers. Claire loves baking so much, that even after just having her third baby she was baking for her husband's workplace the week after! I know this because my husband kindly smuggled me home one of her cupcakes!

Here are the rules,
Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog & link back to their site.
Copy and paste the blog award on your page.
Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
Let them know you've chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Similar to a chain mail. Just be glad you're not in primary school anymore when chain mails were written out by hand!

Here are my 5 award winners
What the Fruitcake?! - I only came across this blog a couple of weeks ago, now I'm in danger of starting a fan club for Mandy's blog. Great ideas and beautiful photography!
Paula's Sweet Treats - And soon to be under a new name so drop by to enter her competition! Paula is also worth a follow on Twitter, she has made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.
Cooking in Mammy's Kitchen - Lovely blog with even lovelier photographs.
Like Mam Used to Bake - Nostalgic and from the heart writing from Rosanne. This post in particular struck a chord with me, as I would sell my soul to have my Mam back with me.
A Mexican Cook in Ireland - Lily taught herself how to cook the foods she loved most from home when she moved to Ireland. Check out her blog for lots of authentic Mexican grub.

(I know I'm only supposed to have 5 awards - but if I had another I would give it to Magda's Cauldron. But Colette pipped me to the post and gave her an award of her own.)


  1. Congratulations - well deserved, you have a lovely blog,

  2. I know you were already nominated, but I couldn't not to mention you :)

  3. Thanks BG and Magda :) So pleased with myself, have had big grin on my face all afternoon!