Saturday, 12 November 2011

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet

When we were in Paris a few weeks ago, I put Galeries Lafayette's Food Hall on our to do list. It may seem strange to want to visit a Food Hall when in Paris, but this is no ordinary Food Hall. Galeries Lafayette is a department store, it's the equivalent of Dublin's Brown Thomas and London's Harvey Nichols, but about 5 times bigger and better and brighter. There's certainly no 'R' word happening in here, we walked by queues of people waiting to get into the designer accessories rooms and then we popped down to say 'hello' to the designer shoes. Well I said hello, Chub was a typical man and said nothing to the beautiful shoes and only shook his head. I always pick the shoes up as if I'm browsing and check out the prices and then try to put them down calmly like I'm not shocked by the insane extravagance. Anyway, I digress, where was I? Oh yes, the Food Market. It's huge! We spent ages walking around to soak it all in. There were counters for breads and sandwiches, coffee, sushi, patisserie, butchery, terrines, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, foie gras, the list is endless. The shelves were packed high with every food item imaginable.....

I was very excited to see a Blue Elephant counter, as we did a cookery course with them in Bangkok when we were on honeymoon last year. We had some nibbles here.... I love Asian food! 

Look how shiny these apples are!

I have a serious crush on baby pumpkins, they are just so cute! 



Don't you wish you could shop at a fish counter like this one?

Or pick and mix your spices? 

Or pick a slice of one of these to bring on a picnic?

Or have a jar as large as this one to use for pancakes? I should of put a regular size jar beside this 'mahoosive' one for comparison purposes, but I thought the price tag could do the talking. Yes, that jar costs 39 euros! 

I'm kind of glad I don't live near this little piece of heaven as I think I would end up bankrupt.... But I can always dream of doing my weekly shop there (to include new shoes too!)

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